Flexible Energy Storage: Zinc Based Batteries



目:“Flexible Energy Storage: Zinc Based Batteries”

报告人:支春义 副教授(香港城市大学)

点: 工程实验大楼244240多媒体报告厅

间: 20191214日(周六)下午16:30-17:30

主持人: 翁群红 教授(待定)

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支春义,男, 2004年中科院物理所取得博士学位,随后到日本物质材料研究机构工作,历任博士后研究员,研究员(faculty)以及主任研究员(永久职位)。目前在香港城市大学材料科学与工程系任副教授。研究方向为可穿戴柔性电存储器件,包括多水系电解质,功能型超级电容器,高安全电池和金属空气电池等,为各种柔性器件和可穿戴器件系统提供柔性电源解决方案。到目前为止,已发表有关SCI论文超过270篇,他引超过16000(ISI)H因子为72,专利授权70项。编辑著作两本。支春义博士获得城大校长奖,青年杰出研究奖,Elsevier NML研究者奖,北京市自然科学一等奖, 高被引科学家(2019)。


Our research focuses on development of flexible energy storage/conversion devices, including supercapacitors, batteries and metal air batteries. We will introduce an extremely safe and wearable solid-state zinc ion battery (ZIB) comprising a novel gelatin and PAM based hierarchical polymer electrolyte (HPE) and an α-MnO2 nanorod/carbon nanotube (CNT) cathode. Benefiting from the well-designed electrolyte and electrodes, the flexible solid-state ZIB delivers a high areal energy density and power density (6.18 mWh cm2 and 148.2 mW cm2, respectively), high specific capacity (306 mAh g-1) and excellent cycling stability (97% capacity retention after 1000 cycles at 2772 mA g-1). More importantly, the solid-state ZIB offers high wearability and extreme safety performance over conventional flexible LIBs, and performs very well under various severe conditions, such as being greatly cut, bent, hammered, punctured, sewed, washed in water or even put on fire. In addition, flexible ZIBs were integrated in series to power a commercial smart watch, a wearable pulse senor, and a smart insole, which is the first time that has been achieved to the best of our knowledge.